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Calm Yourself, Steven

Life is becoming more and more stressful, and studies suggest technology and social media are at the heart of this. Work life balance has never been more important but could technology also solve this problem?

As I’ve been struggling with anxiety for a few months now, I wanted to find a way to add some meditation into my daily life without the need to travel to a far away land and sit cross-legged on a mountain til dusk.

Thankfully the Calm app came along, so I put it through its paces. Did it add to the stress or make life just that little bit better. Check out my review and find out for yourself.




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I am an absolute geek who loves technology. I also happen to be severely sight impaired and that has meant my journey with new technology has been challenging. What I've learnt is what I want to share with others and I do that on air in the UK on RNIB Connect Radio's weekly Tech Talk radio show and podcast, and on AMI-Audio's Double Tap Canada radio show and podcast. I'm also a very lucky husband and the owner of the world's coolest dog!

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