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Can An App Teach You Braille?

It may have started out as just an advertising slogan in 2009, but the phrase “There’s an app for that” is perfectly believable. Whatever you want to do, no matter how niche or even strange, if you can think of it, the chances are there is an app waiting for you in the app store that can help.

This got me to thinking: as someone who has talked about learning braille for years, could there be an app that could help? Without a way to feel actual physical braille cells, I wouldn’t be able to practice reading, but if I could at least learn how to write braille and therefore be able to enter text on my iPhone using the braille input feature, just maybe I could justify the cost of investing in something like a Perkins brailler, or even a braille display.

After a quick App Store search, I did indeed find that there is a wide range of braille teaching apps. On the audio below, I test four of these apps to see if there really is an easy shortcut into the world of braille.


Useful Links.

Pocket Braille.

Braille ED.

Bump Bump Braille Learn.



Hadley Institute.


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