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Apple’s Next Media Event Pushed to November

Every year you can count on a couple of certainties. There will be four seasons in most of the world, and Apple will hold several media events to announce new products.

So far, we’ve seen and been hands-on with the new iPhones (iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max). We have seen new variations of old iPads and have been introduced to a yet-to-be-available Mac Pro. But what about changes to the MacBook Pro line? No, I’m not referring to new processors and configuration options. I’m referring to sweeping changes that fix the plagued-from-day-one butterfly keyboard and a 16″ screen variation – different body style – changes like that.
Typically the end of October is when we would see an iPad and Mac focused event, but this year appears to be different – and for a good reason. Apple TV+. While most media outlets are still dead set on seeing Apple announce the commercially-available MacPro and round out their Holiday shopping lineup by the end of the month, I think something else is a brew. Apple loves telling a great story and has a compelling one set to launch on November 1st. That is when we will get your first glimpse of the original programming they’ve been spending Billions of dollars on for Apple TV+, their streaming service.

So what better story to tell before announcing a new product lineup than the story of Apple TV+.
That is why our bets are on a November media event for the new MacPro and MacBook Pro. Tim Cook will undoubtedly hit the stage to sweeping applause and start with the success story of Apple TV+. How many subscribers they have in the first couple of days, how many hours spent watching all their original programming and everything else set to come with the service. Then, and only then will they tell the story of the new MacBook Pro and the availability of the Mac Pro.

What do you think? Will Apple hold any more events this year, or have we seen the last of their product lineup for the holiday season. Let us know with a comment below or tweet us @DoubleTapCanada and use that hashtag #ASKDoubleTap.

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  1. Well, I am of the opinion that Apple are now in play to the fans mode. If they really had something inovative then I’d sit up and take notice, but what is there that is left to invent that would mean another success story?
    Cheaper phones? grin… Incidentally, I hope Steven got his new Mac back without being fleeced by the customs boys and girls in the uk.

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