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Apple’s HomePod – Is It Worth The Money?

You may be aware of the many smart speakers out there, in particular those from Google and Amazon. However Apple have decided to jump into this market as well.

The new HomePod from Apple is focused on music and the best sound, taking on the likes of Sonos. However, unlike other smart speakers, the HomePod doesn’t have as many features and functions as the Amazon Echo or Google Home but Apple hope that it’s development in music knowledge and sound should make it stand out in its field.

Blind blogger, podcaster (and regular contributor to Double Tap Canada) Garth Humphries is from the land down under – that’s Australia by the way – and he told us what he thinks of the HomePod after just buying one.

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I am an absolute geek who loves technology. I also happen to be severely sight impaired and that has meant my journey with new technology has been challenging. What I've learnt is what I want to share with others and I do that on air in the UK on RNIB Connect Radio's weekly Tech Talk radio show and podcast, and on AMI-Audio's Double Tap Canada radio show and podcast. I'm also a very lucky husband and the owner of the world's coolest dog!

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