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Apple’s Default Apps: What Alternatives Are Out There?

Currently in iOS when you activate a link, be that to a web page, or email address, it will open either the Safari browser, or the Apple Mail client.

There is no choice. They are the default options. Of course, there are other browsers and email clients available in the App Store and you can download and use them easily, but there is no way to set them as the default choice; any links you receive in messages, emails or anywhere will always open in Apple’s own apps.

But that’s about to change…

Apple have announced that, in the upcoming iOS14, they will be allowing users to choose their own default apps for viewing the web & sending and receiving emails. This means that if you prefer Chrome or Firefox over Safari, you can choose to always use one of those browsers to open web links. Likewise, if you’re a fan of the Gmail or Outlook apps, you can set your preferred app as your default email client.

Although we would also love the ability to change other default apps such as Maps, Camera or even change out Siri for Alexa, this announcement is a welcome change and a step in the right direction of varied user choice.

But what alternatives are out there? Is Safari & Mail the best choice when it comes to usability and accessibility anyway? In episode 143 of Double Tap Canada, Tim Schwartz has been looking at alternatives, and he may have found his perfect replacements.

You may, however, be surprised by his choices…

Listen Here:

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