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Aira Launches In UK

The popular Aira service is now available for blind and low-vision people based in the UK.

Aira allows users to connect to specialised agents through an app on a smartphone; the agents can then use the camera on the smartphone to see objects or your environment and offer assistance such as reading documents or labels, identifying, describing or locating objects and giving directions etc. Their trained agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the US.

The service has been available in other countries for some time, but now people in the UK are able to download the app and register. You can use the service for free for calls under five minutes, but for more than that you will need to subscribe to a monthly payment plan.

Plans & Pricing.

As mentioned above, calls under five minutes are free. Simply download the Aira app from Apples App Store or Google Play Store and register. If you require more minutes, below is a list of the paid plans:

Intro Plan: £24 per month – 30 minutes
Standard Plan: £79 per month – 120 minutes
Advanced Plan: £159 per month – 300 minutes

You can find more information on the Aira website.

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