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Aira Announces New Pricing

The tech startup Aira is taking the blind world by storm with its innovative approach to giving people with visual impairments their independence.

The Aira product is essentially a pair of smart glasses that connect with a smartphone and allow you to connect with what they call an a Aira agent, a real person who can guide you and talk you through your surroundings.

As expected with technology like this, it is not cheap. However the demand is clearly showing as the company have just announced a new line-up of tariffs starting at just $29.

Image of Aira Horizon glasses

In order to get the most out of Aira, you need to sign up and become an Explorer. This gets you the glasses, the smart phone with all you need to get connected plus other cool features like exclusive invitations to live audio-described events.

A starter plan now gives you 30 minutes of usage for $29 a month but this only gives you access to the Aira app. With this plan you use the camera on your smartphone to allow the agent to ‘see’ your surroundings.

If you would prefer to have the glasses which are called the Horizon kit you’ll need to go for the higher priced monthly package of $99 which gives you 120 minutes of access. And if that’s not enough you can get 300 minutes for $199 a month.

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In the US you can use Aira for free at certain places such as airports so those minutes aren’t counted in those environments.

Image of man wearing Aira glasses

The company is promising lots of new features and integrations over the coming months and years.

Currently Aira is available to buy in the US and Canada and there is now a version in Australia. A pilot program is underway in the UK and Ireland with hopes of a launch there soon.

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