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Access Another Computer with Chrome Remote Desktop

There was a time, not that long ago, that the only way you could access documents or files on a computer was to be sat physically in front of it. But now, thanks to always on connections, fast internet and some clever software, you can easily and quickly access any of your computers from anywhere in the world. The process of accessing and controlling one computer from another is called remote access, and there is quite a lot of options when it comes to software that allows you to do this. However, the big question that we always have to ask is, of course, is it accessible if you are blind or visually impaired?

Accessible Remote Access.

The answer is, thankfully yes, we also have some options when it comes to remote access software. Freedom Scientific has the Tandem feature built into Jaws and NVDA has an add-on called NVDA Remote access. Obviously, these are remote access services that are specifically designed to be used by us as visually impaired people but there are some mainstream options that we can also use. In episode 127 of the Double Tap Canada Radio show, Steven Scott shows us just how he is working from home and still accessing and controlling the computers at work through the Chrome Remote Desktop service. Follow him as he goes through the, surprisingly easy, set up process using nothing more than a web browser.

Listen To The Audio Below:

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